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A Timeless

in a Powerful

Explore the Gospel

Through Many Senses

Lights creates films that are sermons. Unlike more common sermon recordings, which are taped live presentations, Lights takes advantage of the medium of film to create multi-sensory experiences that communicate the Gospel on multiple levels.

Reuse Lessons

In Multiple Settings

Lights delivers one sermon per month on a blu-ray disc, and the gatherings that receive them retain the discs so they may be used in different weeks or reused for classes or retreats. Also, each sermon is designed in segments so that it may be excerpted and used as an illustration in a live sermon. Additional copies are also available on DVD for home and small-group use.

Join a Community

Of Collaboration in Faith

Lights is assembling a cohort of congregations and gatherings in preparation for our targeted launch date of September 15, 2017. Upcoming films will be crafted for this cohort, and Lights will provide leaders with information about the theme and content of upcoming sermons. Lights relies on feedback from these leaders, which guides future films.

Let's Take The Next Step


Membership in Lights is for congregations and other gatherings that value careful Biblical and theological examination and which believe that the story of Jesus deserves the best methods available to share it with all generations. To learn more about becoming a part of Lights, click here.


Our Newest Message

While we build the cohort of congregations for our upcoming sermon series, here's something a little different. In our new short message, "Good / Bad: A Simple Message for Christians," we explore the right and wrong ways to deal with those with whom we disagree.


A Preview

You can watch the first few minutes of our first film, "The Veil," here. Before the film is presented at a gathering, Exodus 34:29-35 is read live. Get in touch to see all of "The Veil" and to learn more.

Look Ahead

To What We're Planning

The Elements series explores the foundations of life with Christ, using the classical elements - water, earth, iron, fire, air, and life - as metaphors for the tenets of Christian faith. The series examines a wide range of scriptures from the Old and New Testaments to describe the foundations of life in a way that is both familiar to contemporary audiences and challenging to common worldviews.

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Month 1

As the opening chapter of Genesis and biological science agree, water is an essential component of the origins of life. But how do the two perspectives align? In "Water," we explore God's interaction with our world and how it sets the stage for everything that is to come.


Month 2

Jesus' teachings imply that God's interaction with our world did not end with creation. Rather, God continues to direct people into surprising and wonderful adventures today. In "Earth," we see how God's word - from a grand promise to Abraham to Jesus' writing in the sand - directs human existence into purpose and love.


Month 3

Living in faith is not always easy. Throughout our lives, we encounter forces which threaten to derail our progress and to send us on the wrong path. In "Iron," we explore the challenges of living for what is right, and embrace the good news that we do not fight these battles alone.


Month 4

In modern life, a savior can seem unnecessary. In "Fire," we examine the surprising fact that being saved is not a religious exercise, but a matter of life itself. In this episode, we explore the history of Jesus's ministry, death, and resurrection, and consider in a new way the role of a savior.


Month 5

There is a supernatural claim at the heart of Christian faith: the God of the universe is at work around us and within us, too. The implications of that are huge. In "Air," we learn about prayer that involves listening as much as talking and explore the life that emerges from the power of God working within us.


Month 6

What does it mean to live forever? In "Life," we explore never-ending life from the perspective that it starts here and now. The glue of life with God is love, and we explore how that love transforms our relationships with everything from the planet to one another.

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Joining Lights

Starts With a Conversation

Becoming a part of the Lights ministry begins with getting in touch so we can get to know each other. We can arrange a free screening of our first film, "The Veil," at your gathering with a member of the Lights team present and provide the entire congregation with the opportuinty to share feedback.

If your gathering decides to become a part of Lights, we are accepting pre-registrations for subscriptions that begin with the Elements series. The cost of subscriptions is based on the number attending your gathering to ensure affordability for any group. To take the next step, please get in touch. If you have any more questions, check out our FAQ.